About Wholesale Bargains for All (Updated July 31, 2018)

Wholesale Bargains for All is owned and managed by Global Distributing, LLC - A US-based registered international trading company. It has been in the trade initially since 2005 when founded and afterward, by recognizing the online retail market share it has claimed and additionally become a competitive online retailer since 2009, approximately 4 years following its founding, as well as been rated A+ by BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Competitive Product Pricing + Everyday Discounts + Free Shipping = Customer Savings

"Don't want to pay our price you see but the price you want?"

In addition to online retailing, the company has been trading internationally, since its founding, in factories' stock lots owned by China-based factories, which comes available at below-factory prices for importers, who are financially capable of and interested in buying the factories' required and absolutely non-negotiable minimums for resale to businesses - local and worldwide.

In summary, as an online retail store, it’s mission is to always ensure that it is doing exactly just what the store name claims itself as - passing savings on to its customers, as always! By so doing, it is always a win-win! That way, it earns the continued loyal patronage by getting the valued consumers to pay less for the products they want or need.

If you, the shopper, are new to us, please browse our various ever-growing product categories and other important information in order to get a feel for how we are offering you true bargains for less, as well as stock lots at genuinely below-factory prices if you are a financially capable importer.  Besides, we can and will help you, the importer, to import the stock-lots easily into your own country or your customer's from step A to Z - the whole importing process!

Note that we will soon be relocating our stock-lot catalog to this very site, with all important information relevant to such type of merchandise, from a foreign online marketplace; therefore, no such stock-lots are available here yet as of today.

So, please get informed by often referring to our "What's New Today?" page in order to be in the know and stay in the know! In addition, we kindly advise that you sign up today from the header section of our site to receive our periodic newsletter about our new arrivals, latest promotions, sales, and all other newsworthy stuff.

We believe there is no perfect company under the sun but only a better company, such as us, with the lifelong commitment to your daily savings - the better company that never stops from improving itself in all aspects of running a reputable organization to the best possible of its ability in order to even better serve you as a valued customer.

Finally, please never hesitate to get in touch with us about any important questions you may have or any assistance you may need.

We look forward to welcoming you as our new customer with our arms wide open, as always!


Warm regards,
Global Distributing, LLC
4805 W Mill Rd
Milwaukee, WI 53218
United States

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