FAQs (Updated Mar 27, 2018)

The asterisk (*), if seen next to any FAQ(s), means "updated" and that new and updated information, if applicable, applies to orders received on or after the date of update. 

1. What payment methods do you accept and how many foreign currencies do you support in displaying prices? 

We currently accept Shopify Payments only (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner's Club) with more payment methods to be available in the future. 

Other than USD (U.S. Dollar) as the default currency we also support 5 other foreign currencies in displaying prices as follows: 

  1. CAD (Canadian Dollar) 
  2. EUR (Euro) 
  3. GBP (British Pound) 
  4. JPY (Japanese Yen) 
  5. AUD (Australian Dollar) 

The currency drop-down menu is located on the top-right next to the "Cart" button. Hovering over the default "USD" currency will show the drop-down with 5 other foreign currency options, as listed above, for displaying prices - meaning that all orders are processed in USD only. 

2. How safe and secure is your online store? 

Our entire online store and the Shopify Payments gateway are absolutely safe and secure. As you can see that on all of our webpages there is a Shopify security badge located within the main menu indicating our store is being secured by Shopify that complies with the highest level of PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards. Plus, immediately next to our store URL on your browser's address bar you should see an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) padlock icon - meaning a layer of highest security (256-bit encryption) has been added to our online store and you have been redirected from the unencrypted "HTTP" to the encrypted "HTTPS". 

3. As your customer do you store my credit card information and other sensitive personal data? 

No, we do not. A merchant as we are, we never have access to all of our customers’ credit card information whatsoever. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for all details. 

4. Why are all products not showing their prices in the "stream view" format? 

The prices will show themselves once you have picked a color, a U.S. shoe size, etc., which will instantly change the color of the "Add to Cart" button and at the same time activate the button. Some products without any variants (color, size, etc) will show their prices. 

For your information, the “stream view” format is only available on our desktop site, not the mobile site. 

5. Are the prices different among different sizes of the same shoes? 

Yes and no. Smaller sizes are slightly lower priced than bigger sizes of the same shoes. However, this pricing rule does not apply to all of our shoes but only a few. Most other shoes are priced the same regardless of different sizes. 

6. Are all products in stock and available? 

Yes. If any item is not available, "out-of-stock" or "sold out" will appear on the item's product collection/detail page, and the "Add to Cart" button be deactivated - meaning you will not be able to add the unavailable item to your cart. 

7. What if I have out-of-stock/sold-out items on my order? 

You will not have such items on your order as mentioned in FAQs 6. Just assuming you had them, we would notify you as soon as we could and reverse the funds for any unavailable items back to your account. 

*8. How do I apply the discount code at checkout? 

On a desktop, after you click the "Check Out" button from your cart, you should see the "Discount" box to your right in the green area where you can enter the code, if you have one, then do not forget to click "Apply" to reflect the discount.  

On a mobile phone, after you click the "Check Out" button from your cart, at the very top of the next screen immediately under our company logo, you should see "Show order summary" next to the cart symbol, click on which to expand it and there is the "Discount" box in the green area where you can enter the code, if you have one, then do not forget to click the arrow to reflect the discount. 

The checkout is a very simple & easy 4-short-page process. Creating an account with our store is absolutely optional, but having an account with our store and logged into it will greatly simplify your entire checkout process - quick & easy, as this will automatically pre-fill most checkout form fields for you, and you just have to verify the pre-filled information without having to type it all into the fields! If you do not already have one, create one today and see what we mean. 

9. Will my cart items be synced across my different devices? What about my Wishlist? 

Only customers who have registered an account with our store and log in will always have their cart items and Wishlist on any device. For those who do not have an account, their cart items and Wishlist are not saved nor guaranteed to be always available although they may still be for a while. However, we highly recommend registering an account in order to safely secure them at all times and on any device. 

REMEMBER: You must always log into your account to access your saved cart items and Wishlist. 

10. Do you charge tax on my order? 

We charge tax on Wisconsin orders only. 

11. Am I required to have an account with your store in order to check out my order? 

Not at all. But we highly recommend you have one as this will speed up the checkout process, and you will have a neat record of your order history as well as other such conveniences as saving your cart items, wishlist, and more. 

No worries! You will have the option to checkout as "a guest" without having to create an account. If you already have one, excellent! then log in to check out with ease! 

12. Do you provide order-tracking? 

Yes. The order-processing time takes 5 to 7 business days. Once your order ships, you will receive the tracking information in your inbox. Be sure to also check your spam folder if you do not see the information in the inbox after 5 to 7 business days. 

By the way, have your tracking code handy after you have it - although you may track your order at 17track.net/en, we highly recommend using this all-in-one package/shipment tracking app - "ParcelTrack" - that tracks over 50 delivery services as of 2017 with more to be integrated. Tracking your order with this all-in-one app cannot be easier! 

    13. How do I cancel my order? 

    Orders can only be canceled within the following 2 business days after order placement; otherwise, we will not be able to meet your request.

    If the order cancellation request is made within the above time-frame, please contact to provide us with your first and last name as well as the order # for us to cancel your order. We will cancel the order for you and reverse the funds back to your account as soon as possible or within 2 business days. 

    14. Will you beat your competitor's price? 

    Yes! We will beat any domestic (USA) competitor's price by 10% on the condition that you will send us the URL to the domestic competitor's identical item(s) in their store with the price they are selling it for. Also, their price must be a regular price and not an on-sale price, a discounted price, and the like, briefly speaking. 

    Better yet, even with your order already submitted, you are guaranteed the 10% difference refund within no more than 10 calendar days from your order placement, provided you find the identical item(s) at a lower price elsewhere within the above-stated time-frame by sending us such proof as stated in the above paragraph. Upon positive verification of your submitted evidence, we will refund the 10% difference back to your account on the submitted order. 

    15. How is the quality of your products? 

    Judging from this question you should not let our low bargain prices mislead you into thinking that you get what you pay for; in other words, you just do not pay as much here as you would elsewhere. 

    16. I forgot my account password so I need to reset it. I have more than one email but cannot recall which email I used when registering the account with your store. Can you help? 

    That is not a problem at all. Either you may try using your other email(s) for the password reset or contact us providing your first and last name, we will look up the email address you used when registering your account with us and email it to you. 

    17. Do you drop-ship domestically (USA) and internationally? 

    Yes, we drop-ship for you all of our products in our store currently without charge. However, an annual membership fee of non-refundable $79.00 will be required in the future. All drop-shipping members must first register an account with our store prior to making the first drop-ship order and are given a 40% discount code to apply on each and every drop-ship order checkout. The discount code never expires unless you cease to renew the annual membership after it expires. 

    You may place your drop-ship order for your customer just as you would for yourself. We drop-ship for you with 100% integrity; in other words, your customers are always yours. We do not and will not bypass you by selling them directly! 

    NOTE: On all drop-ship orders, members’ “Billing Address” must not be the same as “Shipping Address”, or they would not be taken for drop-ship orders and, as a result, we will not accept the orders but cancel them automatically.

    When checking out your drop-ship order, be sure to fill in only the “Shipping Address” part with 2 pieces of essential information of your customer's instead of yours: 

    1. Your customer's full name (first and last name), 
    2. Your customer's accurate shipping address.

    You may fill in other parts like the billing address, email address and all the rest with your own information. 

    When your order ships, we will email you the tracking code that in turn you will forward to your customer. 

    18. I am in the market for wholesale products to sell to end users. Do you offer a price break on a bulk quantity of any of your products? In other words, do you retail and also wholesale? 

    Yes, not only do we retail but also wholesale all products you see throughout our store. Whether you are an end user or a retail merchant looking for wholesale products to buy and resell to your end users, we are one of the many genuine retail & wholesale sources of the truly competitively priced products.

    As you can see from the Discounts & Savings Galore! page where we have all discounts/savings in place for you no matter if you are an end user or a retailer buying wholesale. Since you are a retail merchant looking to buy wholesale, you are entitled to the current bulk-quantity discount rate on your entire order giving you the wholesale price. See Discounts & Savings Galore! for the minimum purchase requirement & the percentage discount code for you to apply at checkout. 

    NOTE: In order to organize and easily keep track of your order history (retail and wholesale orders), we highly recommend although we think it is a must that you register an account with our store so that you are 100% guaranteed of any discounts & savings due you. Without an account, we cannot safely guarantee you of such benefits due you when the time comes. Register an account now, please! 

    19. How do I sign up for your newsletter? 

    In the “Sign Up” box located on the top-left or bottom of any web-page of our site please enter and double-check for accuracy your email address and click the arrow to submit - voila! You are signed up. 

      20. By my own mistake, I ordered a wrong size for an item and have recently received it. Can I request an exchange or a refund? 

      We are sorry about your recent unpleasant experience. To request an exchange or a refund please refer to our "Exchange & Refund Policy", which please allow us to kindly remind you of the fact that you did agree to when checking out the wrong-size item. 

      21. Where can I write a product review? 

      You can easily write your own product review near the bottom part of the product detail/description page of the exact item you purchased. 

      If any problems arise with our products or customer service, please take the time to resolve them with us prior to leaving your review. Thank you for your cooperation and taking a brief moment to give your true opinion of the item(s) you have purchased as this helps other shoppers make an informed buying decision. 

      22. Your store has received many foreign customers' product reviews from around the globe, but some reviews are a bit difficult to understand. Can you have the reviews translated entirely into standard English by Google translator or any other software to make them more easily understood? 

      We truly apologize for the inconveniences. We have actually been using Google translator, but it cannot do any better job than this, neither can we. However, we suggest you instead look at the star ratings that should tell much or all about the customer’s review. 

      All email inquiries are first-come-first-served with the exception that the honestly urgent ones will be given the priority if you state “urgent” on the subject line. 

      To non-urgent inquiries please allow up to 48 hours (2 calendar days) maximum for our reply if you do not hear from us in the next or several hours. 

      Be sure to check your spam folder for our reply if you do not see it in your inbox after two calendar days. We suggest you add our email address as provided on the bottom of this page to your contacts-list so that all future incoming emails from us will always go to your inbox, not your spam folder. Even so, we suggest you still check your spam folder just in case it might still go there even for the fact you have already added our email address to your contacts-list. 

      Please write us about anything via the following email address or the contact form: 
      (Soliciting is neither welcome nor replied) 




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