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FAQs / Contact Us

Our Shipping Charge: 

  • Flat $9.95 domestic (USA) and international on order $299.99 or less. 
  • Free shipping domestic (USA) and international on order $300.00 or more. 

      1. How do I contact you? 

      First, please go through our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) below that may already have instant information you are looking for, saving you time from waiting for our reply (we answer all emails in the order they come in), then if the FAQs below do not provide the information you need, please contact us using the email address provided on the bottom of this page

      All emails are answered within normally 6 - 12 hours or rarely 2 calendar days, depending on the email volume we receive. 

      Note: be sure to check your spam folder for our reply if you do not see it in your inbox after two calendar days. We suggest you add our above email address to your contacts-list so that all future incoming emails from us will always go to your inbox, not your spam folder. Even so, we suggest you still check your spam folder just in case it might still go there even for the fact you have already added our above email address to your contacts-list. 

        2. What payment methods do you accept and how many foreign currencies do you support in displaying prices? 

        We currently accept Shopify Payments only (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner's Club) with more payment methods to be available in the future.

        Other than USD (U.S. Dollar) as the default currency we also support 5 other foreign currencies in displaying prices as follows: 

        1. CAD (Canadian Dollar) 
        2. EUR (Euro) 
        3. GBP (British Pound) 
        4. JPY (Japanese Yen) 
        5. AUD (Australian Dollar) 

        The currency drop-down menu is located on the top-right next to the "Cart" button. Mousing over the default "USD" currency will show the drop-down with 5 other foreign currency options for displaying prices; however, keep in mind that all orders are processed in USD only. 

        3. How is the security with your online store? 

        Our entire online store and the Shopify Payments gateway are absolutely safe and secure. As you can see that on all of our webpages there is a Shopify security badge located within the main menu indicating our store is being secured by Shopify that complies with the highest level of PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards. Plus, immediately next to our store URL on your browser's address bar you should see an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) padlock icon - meaning a layer of highest security (256-bit encryption) has been added to our online store and you have been redirected from the unencrypted "HTTP" to the encrypted "HTTPS". 

        4. Why are most products not showing their prices on the product-detail pages? 

        The prices will show themselves once you have picked a color, a U.S. shoe size, etc, which will instantly change the color of the "Add to Cart" button and at the same time activate the button. 

        5. Are all products in stock and available? 

        Yes unless there is a technical error with our inventory management software; however, we have not yet experienced that occurrence. If any item is not available, such indicator as "out-of-stock" or "sold out" will appear on the item's product page, and the "Add to Cart" button will not function - meaning you will not be able to add the unavailable item to the cart. 

        6. What if I have out-of-stock/sold-out items on my order? 

        You will not have such items on your order. Just assuming you had them, we would notify you as soon as we could and issue the full refund for those unavailable items back to your account. 

        7. How long is the waiting period for my order to arrive? 

        Your order will most likely arrive sometime within 12 - 20 calendar days, no longer than 22 calendar days. 

        8. Do you provide order-tracking? 

        Yes, we do. The order-processing time takes 5 - 7 business days. Once shipped, you will receive the tracking information in your inbox. Be sure to also check your spam folder if you do not see the information in the inbox after 5 - 7 business days. 

        9. Are all sizes presented in filters U.S. sizes?

        Yes, they are all U.S. sizes. 

        10. Are the prices different between different sizes of the same shoes? 

        Yes, smaller sizes are slightly lower priced than bigger sizes of the same shoes. With that said, this pricing rule does not apply to all of our shoes but only a few. Most other shoes are priced the same regardless of different sizes. 

        11. How do I cancel my order?  

        Orders can only be canceled within 2 business days, after which we are sorry we will not be able to meet your request. Please email us within 2 business days to request cancellation. 

        12. Just yesterday I added a pair of work & safety boots with other items to my cart, but the boots alone disappeared when I was just ready to check out all items earlier on today. What happened? 

        What happened is because that was coincidentally our last pair of boots of your selected size in stock and available so when somebody else later on added that exactly same pair of the same size to his cart and check them out with no waiting, then the boots in your cart in that instant would disappear as any unchecked out items would have stayed in anybody else's cart until when they are checked out by you or somebody else. On the contrary, assuming we had at least 2 pairs or more of those exactly same boots instead of only 1, the boots would have continued to stay in your cart for the very fact that the pair of boots in your cart was not the last pair in stock. In summary, our inventory management and shopping cart software are so designed as to automatically do what they did with the boots in your cart. 

        13. Will my cart items be synced between different devices? 

        Yes, they will. 

        14. How do I apply the discount code? 

        If using a desktop, after you click the "Check Out" button from the cart, you should see the "Discount" box to your right in the green area where you can enter the code, if you have one, then do not forget to click "Apply" to reflect the discount. 

        If using a mobile phone, after you click the "Check Out" button from the cart, at the very top of the next screen immediately under our company logo, you should see "Show order summary" click on which to expand it and you should see the "Discount" box in the green area where you can enter the code, if you have one, then click the arrow to reflect the discount. 

        15. I just love your products and like your bargain prices, but would you consider accepting an even lower price on one of your items I love? 

        So, you already did you due diligence and saw our displayed bargain prices - very competitive or at least reasonable.

        Needless to say that everyone's interested in even lower prices than our displayed bargain prices as seen in our catalog? Certainly, we would love to consider accepting your suggested lower but fair prices on most but not all of our items whose prices are not set in stone. Don't hesitate to let us know which product(s) you love by pasting the link(s) to such product page(s) and send to us. We might just be able to sell you only one or more items at a lower price(s). If your price(s) is reasonable enough, then you will pay the happier price(s) and save even a few more dollars - $5, $10, $20, or more, depending on the items.

        Go look in our footwear-catalog now for those items you love and make us your reasonable offer. Good luck! 

        Need to contact us? Please write us at the following email address: 


        (If you will, please tell us how you found us along with your important message. Thank you!)

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