FAQs 1 (Updated July 7, 2018)

1. Your store's slogan goes, "Don't want to pay our price you see but the price you want?" that is music to my ears! How does this work?

When you are on any one of our product pages, please click the green button “Discount Reminder” on your desktop or “@/@“ on your mobile device to your lower left to find out how it works.

Chances are you may possibly pay the price you want, not our price you see if the price you want is not drastic but reasonable and acceptable to us.

Upon your price-reduction request submission there will be only one of the following three possibilities from us to you:

  1. We meet your price and will respond to you in 1-5 calendar days with a coupon code for you to apply at checkout.
  2. We suggest a price between yours and ours and will respond to you in 1-5 calendar days with a coupon code for you to apply at checkout.
  3. Neither of the above if you don't hear back from us after 5 calendar days.

Whatever the outcome, we certainly thank you for taking the time to submit your welcome request!

You should always keep on trying other items if you don't hear back from us. Not hearing back from us on one or more items does not mean you won't hear back from us on other items. Again, never give up trying as many items as you wish!

If you are one of those price-conscious shoppers, you have come to the right store! So, you have no reason for hesitating to submit your price-reduction request. The approval rate of your request should be as high as 80%! Why not do it now? 

2. How safe and secure is your online store?

Our entire online store and the Shopify Payments gateway are absolutely safe and secure.

As you may have noticed that on all of our product pages and the footer section throughout our site there is a Shopify security badge indicating our store is being secured by Shopify that complies with the highest level of PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards.

Plus, immediately next to our store URL on your browser's address bar you should see an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) padlock icon - meaning a layer of highest security (256-bit encryption) has been added to our online store and you have been redirected from the unencrypted "HTTP" to the encrypted "HTTPS".

Please click on the security badge for more information.

3. What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept Shopify Payments (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner's Club) and *Google Pay with more payment methods to be available in the future.

*Browsers that support Google Pay - To see the Google Pay button at checkout, you need to be using one of the following supported browsers on desktop or mobile:

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • UCWeb UC Browser

4. As your customer do you store my credit card information and other sensitive personal data?

No, we do not. A merchant as we are, we never have access to all of our customers’ credit card information whatsoever. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for all details.

5. What do some of the foreign currency codes stand for on your store's "Pick a currency" drop-down menu located on the header?

Most people already know what they stand for but just in case:

  • AUD - Australian Dollar
  • CAD - Canadian Dollar
  • EUR - Euro
  • GBP - United Kingdom Pound
  • INR - Indian Rupee
  • JPY - Japanese Yen

NOTE: We process all orders in USD. If the currency of your cart is displayed in non-USD, the checkout will use that displayed foreign currency at the most current exchange rate.

6. On all of your product pages, what is the difference between the "Add to Cart" button and the "Buy Now" button?

The "Buy Now" button is an alternative to the "Add to Cart" button for checking out one single item only (keep that in mind), speeding up the payment process by skipping the cart and taking you directly to the checkout where you can then choose to check out with either Shopify Payments or another accelerated checkout method, such as Google Pay, which most of our customers are familiar and comfortable with.

On the contrary, the "Add to Cart" button does not skip the cart and is for checking out one or more items.

7. This is about a pricing discrepancy. I clicked an item priced at $17.95 from a product collection page, but once the item's product page loaded, I noticed the clicked item's price on its own product page showed $19.95 instead of $17.95. Why?

Because the item comes with different multiple variants, such as size and color. Take the shoe sizes for example - the item from the product collection page might very well have been a size (say, US size 9) smaller than the one that showed the higher price on its own product page due to its larger size (say, US size 14), which costs a bit more than the smaller one.

Please notice that the price shown on the product page would change slightly along with different sizes selected. If you happened to select the "right" size (US size 9 as stated above), then it would show the same price ($17.95) as seen on the collection page.

However, most such items are priced the same regardless of sizes or colors; in other words, you will not run across many such "pricing discrepancy" items.

8. How do I apply the discount code at checkout?

On your desktop, after you click the "Check Out" button from your cart, you should see on the checkout page the "Discount" box to your right where you can enter the code, if you have one, then do not forget to click "Apply" to reflect the discount.

On your mobile device, after you click the "Check Out" button from your cart, at the very top of the next screen (the checkout page) immediately below our company logo, you will see "Show order summary" next to the cart symbol, you need to click on which to expand it and there appears the "Discount" box where you can enter the code, if you have one, then do not forget to click the arrow to reflect the discount.

The checkout is a very simple & easy 4-short-page process!

Now, as you know that creating an account with our store is absolutely optional, but having an account with our store and while logged into it will greatly simplify your entire checkout process as this will automatically pre-fill most checkout form fields for you, and you only have to verify the pre-filled information for accuracy without having to manually type it all into the fields! Plus, your account comes with other shopping conveniences like having access to your order history, etc; plus benefits like discounts on your orders and more...

If you have not already had an account, we highly recommend creating one for today’s quick & easy transaction and all subsequent ones; better yet, you will also be entitled instantly to more savings than those who have not created their account. Details on the savings will automatically and instantly be provided to you by our "Customer Account Confirmation" email upon your account activation.

9. Are all products in stock and available?

Yes. If any item is not available, an “Out-of-Stock" or "Sold Out" indicator will deactivate the "Add to Cart" button and the "Buy Now" button on the product page - meaning you will not be able to add the unavailable item to your cart.

10. What if I have purchased out-of-stock/sold-out items on my order?

You will not have such items on your order as mentioned in the previous FAQ. Just assuming you had them, we would notify you as soon as we could and reverse the funds for any unavailable items already paid for back to your account.

11. Am I required to have an account with your store in order to check out my order?

Not at all. But we highly recommend you have one as this will speed up the checkout process, and you will have a neat record of your order history as well as such other conveniences as saving your cart items, wishlist, and more.

That said, without an account, you will have the option to check out as "guest". If you already have one, excellent! then log in to check out with ease!

12. Do you charge tax on my order?

We charge tax on Wisconsin orders only.

13. Do you provide order-tracking?

Yes. The order-processing time takes 5 to 7 business days. Once your order ships, you will receive the tracking information in your inbox. Be sure to also check your spam folder if you do not see the information in the inbox after 5 to 7 business days.

By the way, have your tracking code handy after you have it - although you may track your order at 17track.net/en, we highly recommend using this all-in-one package/shipment tracking app - "ParcelTrack" - that tracks over 50 delivery services as of 2017 with more to be integrated. Tracking your order with this all-in-one app cannot be easier!

    14. How do I cancel my order?

    Orders can only be canceled within the following 2 business days after order placement; otherwise, we will not be able to meet your request.

    If the order cancellation request is made within the above time-frame, please include in your request your first and last name and the order # for us to cancel your order. If you are only canceling one or some of the items on your multiple-item order instead of the entire order, please provide the SKUs of the items you want to be canceled, in addition to your full name and the order #. We will cancel it for you and reverse the funds back to your account within 2 business days.

    15. I forgot my account password so I need to reset it. I have more than one email but cannot recall which email I used when registering the account with your store. Can you help?

    Either you may try using your other email(s) for the password reset, or contact us providing your first and last name, we will look up the email address you used when registering your account with our store and let you know.

    16. I recently placed an order at $60.00 or above without applying the discount as offered from this page - Discounts & Savings Galore!. Would I still be entitled to the discount?

    That did happen to a small number of our customers, who were either not aware of the discount offer or forgot to apply it at checkout until sometime after their orders were submitted.

    Yes, you would still be entitled to the discount only on the condition that you inform us of this matter within 30 calendar days from your order placement by providing us with your full name and the order #, otherwise no. We will be more than glad to reverse the discount difference (+ tax if applicable) back to your account, but keep in mind that the reversal only occurs 2 business days after your order is delivered.

    Please note that this reversal never applies towards your orders placed with our periodic special sales events; in other words, your orders must be regular ones with only discounts available from this page - Discounts & Savings Galore!.

    17. What is SKU as seen on all product pages?

    SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit number/alphanumeric - a unique number/alphanumeric assigned to each individual product so that the product can be easily referenced when the need arises.

    18. Will my cart items be synced across my different devices? What about my Wishlist?

    Only customers who have registered an account with our store and log into the account will always have their cart/Wishlist items on any device.

    For those who do not have an account, their items may not be saved nor guaranteed to be always available although they may still be but only for a while. However, we highly recommend your registering an account in order to safely secure them at all times and on any device.

    REMEMBER: You need to always log in to your account to access your saved cart/Wishlist items.

    19. It appears you carry extensive product catalogs. Are you a one-stop shop?

    No, we are not as of today nor will be; however, you will certainly continue to find many, many more new products in our store week after week or even day after day.

    We suggest you sign up for our newsletter today from the header section of our site to stay updated and not miss our new arrivals and savings you deserve.

    20. Do you drop-ship domestically (USA) and internationally?

    Yes, we drop-ship for you all of our products in our store currently without charge. However, an annual membership fee of non-refundable $79.00 will be required in the future. All drop-shipping members must first register an account with our store prior to making the first drop-ship order and are given a 35% discount code to apply on each and every drop-ship order checkout. The discount code never expires unless you cease to renew the annual membership after it expires.

    You may place your drop-ship order for your customer just as you would for yourself. We drop-ship for you with 100% integrity; in other words, your customers are always yours. We do not and will not bypass you by selling them directly!

    NOTE: On all drop-ship orders, members’ “Billing Address” must not be the same as “Shipping Address”, or they would not be taken for drop-ship orders and, as a result, we will not accept the orders but cancel them automatically.

    When checking out your drop-ship order, be sure to fill in only the “Shipping Address” part with 2 pieces of essential information of your customer's instead of yours:

    1. Your customer's full name (first and last name),
    2. Your customer's accurate shipping address.

    You may fill in other parts like the billing address, email address and all the rest with your own information.

    When your order ships, we will email you the tracking code that in turn you will forward to your customer.

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