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Dear Shopper, we may have something new for you tomorrow if not today - new things like new freebies, new products/collections added, minimum-purchase discounts, and whatnot - all will be posted here on this page in sequential order; in other words, the newest thing is posted on the topmost part of this page.


  • Always come back to this page on each and every return visit to keep yourself informed and updated, so you will not miss out on all existing and future potential savings as well as all other new stuff! Please keep that in mind.
  • It is highly recommended that you login to your account first thing before browsing and shopping so that we can later email to remind you of any items if left in your cart that you may possibly forget to check out prior to leaving our store.
    Also, you should add items, which you seem interested in but at the time not quite sure of buying them yet, to your wishlist before leaving the items product pages so that they will be permanently saved, only while you are logged into your account, and you avoid possible difficulties in locating them later if or when you decide to buy them. Please keep that in mind.
    Occasionally, we do have several customers that had seen some seemingly interesting items but not added to their wishlists at the time and later on contact us asking if we still had those items available because they wanted to buy them but couldn't locate them at all.
  1. TODAY AS OF 6/25/2019: Spend seconds to Create an account today and get a discount code sent to your inbox almost instantly once the account is confirmed active. Act now! This offer ends soon!
  2. TODAY AS OF 10/16/2018: The products in the following collections now can be delivered to the US customers in 4-12 days, not 14-21 days, so you must select “Ships From the United States” from the dropdown menu on the item’s product page:

    1. Ankle Boots for Ladies
    2. Basic Boots for Gents
    3. Bikinis Sets
    4. Boat Shoes for Gents
    5. Boat Shoes for Ladies
    6. Casual Shoes for Gents
    7. Flats for Ladies
    8. Flip Flops for Ladies
    9. Knee-high Boots for Ladies
    10. Loafers for Ladies
    11. Maternity Dresses
    12. Men's Hoodies & Sweatshirts
    13. Men's Scarves
    14. Mid-calf Boots for Ladies
    15. Mobile Phone Holders & Stands
    16. Motorcycle Boots for Gents
    17. Sleeping Bags
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