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  1. TODAY AS OF 6/28/2018: Good news for the importers who are interested in buying and importing stock-lots in bulk quantities from China at below factory prices! Yes, you just did a double-take - that’s right - at below factory prices! Not only that but also we will help you import them into your own country easily, period; in other words, we will handle the entire A to Z importing process for you. However, you will have to buy the absolutely non-negotiable MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) per stock-lot as required in order to qualify for below factory prices. The online stock-lot catalog will be available right here on our website in the foreseeable future. Stay tuned... 

  2. TODAY AS OF 10/11/2018: Great news! In the very near future, your order will get delivered fast to your door-step within the US continental locations in 4-12 calendar days (not 14-21 any longer)!

  3. TODAY AS OF 10/16/2018: The products in the following collections now can be delivered to the US customers in 4-12 calendar days (do keep in mind and be sure to select "Ships from the United States" rather than "China" from the "Ships from" drop-down menu on the item's product page). 
    (Be sure to check back soon and often for more such fast-delivery product collections!)

    1. Ankle Boots for Ladies
    2. Basic Boots for Gents
    3. Boat Shoes for Gents
    4. Boat Shoes for Ladies
    5. Casual Shoes for Gents
    6. Flats for Ladies
    7. Flip Flops for Ladies
    8. Knee-high Boots for Ladies
    9. Loafers for Ladies
    10. Maternity Dresses
    11. Men's Hoodies & Sweatshirts
    12. Men's Scarves
    13. Mid-calf Boots for Ladies
    14. Motorcycle Boots for Gents
    15. Sleeping Bags


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