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Check out "What's new today at WholesaleBargains4All.com!" We may have something new for you tomorrow if not today - new things like new free items added, new products added, new sales & promotions, new discounts, our new messages, and whatnot - all will be posted here on this page in sequential order; in other words, the newest thing(s) is(are) posted on the bottommost part of this page with the oldest on the topmost, so scroll down for the newest information. 

PLEASE KEEP THIS FACT IN MIND FIRMLY - Always come back to this page on each and every return visit to keep yourself informed and updated, so you will not miss out on all existing and future potential savings as well as all other new stuff! 

  1. OUR EVERLASTING STORE MESSAGES: As our store name - Wholesale Bargains for All - says it all, we do exactly what our store name implies: our ultra-important responsibility is for making sure that you as a valued customer know we have had discounts & savings galore always in place for you and all others looking for genuine bargains.
    To access all discounts and savings you may either click here or from our main menu on the link that says, "Discounts & Savings Galore!" where you will learn of the fact that we are serious, very serious about your paying less for all of our already competitively-priced products to furth match the name of our store with additional discounts & savings available to you all, and thus our store is truly Wholesale Bargains for All. 
  2. As a reminder, if you did not find what you were looking for today, no problem! Please be sure to remember to check back in a day or two, we will have more and more products to show to you; in other words, our catalogs are growing week after week or even day after day. Also, if you did a product search or searches in our store but could not get any results at all, no worries! Email to let us know your search keywords or phrases and we may possibly be able to help get you the items you are looking for. 
  3. TODAY AS OF MAR 14, 2018: We have added a wholesale discount rate for retail merchants. See it in the 1st-listed item within the "YOUR EVERLASTING MASTER SAVINGS" table of the "Discounts & Savings Galore!" page from our main menu. 
  4. TODAY AS OF MAR 21, 2018: New products have been added - Women's Butt Enhancers and Flats for Ladies
  5. TODAY AS OF MAR 24, 2018: New products have been added - Men's 3D T-shirts and Men's Belts & Cummerbunds and Arduino Starter Kits
  6. TODAY AS OF MAR 25, 2018: New products have been added - Men's Jackets & Coats and Terrariums and Women's Fashion Sunglasses and Men's Fashion Sunglasses
  7. TODAY AS OF 4/13/18: For the past few days, we have added over 2K of new products in various categories. Make sure you check them out. You may find something that you have been looking for! And be sure to take advantage of the discounts we have in place for you in Discounts & Savings Galore! Good luck! And come back for many more later. 
  8. TODAY AS OF 4/27/18: We thought we would like to remind you that many more new products have again been added to our various categories. Make sure to check them out. And we continue to have thousands of products coming your way... Thank you for checking back. See you again later! 
  9. TODAY AS OF 5/3/18: Free return shipping for exchange or refund, only if that will be the case, on orders placed between 5/4/18 and 5/10/18. Plus, you will have 21 calendar days to return, only if that will be the case, instead of 14 calendar days. See our Exchange & Refund Policy


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